Contour Next One


This past week we were fortunate enough to be selected as partners with Connected in Motion to try the new Ascensia Contour Next One blood glucose meter.

I get so excited over new technology.  I mean, giddy like a school girl, smiles ear to ear when unboxing the new stuff.

One thing I really like is the ability to have the blood sugar readings on my phone. (Poorer mans CGM in the cloud.) Especially when the boys are at school. There was one issue with trying to sync the meter and Marcus’ phone.  I had previously synched it to my phone and it wouldn’t work with Marcus’.  I was bummed because I had to uninstall the app from my phone in order to get Marcus’ working.  I really wanted it to work because Marcus was at a birthday sleepover last night and I wanted to check his blood sugars while he was away from the house.  The last birthday sleep over he went to he was low most of the time.  It didn’t quite work out as I hoped because for some reason his phone wasn’t close to his meter and the app wasn’t on or something because when I went to check his readings this morning, there was only the one that he did yesterday before leaving for the party.  I KNOW he did more checks than that.

When he got home this afternoon, I found out how it works but that required the phone app to be open.  The videos online show you just have to be near it for the info to be uploaded to the Contour Cloud. That is not the case.  If you want to use this meter with the corresponding app to monitor your child’s blood sugar, the app has to be open sometime throughout the day.  Probably when they get home, which defeats the purpose of being able to see their readings when they are at school.

The app seems really easy to use and there is even a timer to remind you to recheck when you are low.  I don’t know if there is a volume control or something but I didn’t hear it when it went off to remind Marcus to recheck when he was low this afternoon.


There is a tiny graph at the top of the screen (similar to a CGM graph screen) when you see your blood sugar readings for the day.  It would be great if the data would get updated right when the sample was taken versus having to open the app.


Physically speaking the meter is smaller and there is a flap for a micro USB but no removable USB cap like the Next.  It is not rechargeable but it has button batteries (CR 2032) which seem to last longer but I HATE having to buy new batteries with new meters but they available at dollar stores.  Also, where you insert the test strip it is on a slant which makes it a little easier to see where to insert the strip.

All in all, I really like what this meter is capable of but this was just a quick overview after just a few uses but I do recommend you give it a try.

*DISCLAIMER:  I was provided a free meter from Ascensia and Connected in Motion.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by Ascensia or Connected in Motion.*


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