About Us

We are a family of 6 (1 that lives in Newfoundland with her mom) but the rest of us live in Ottawa.

You may remember us as NitaCure.

A little refresher about who we are.  The two boys’ (Marcus and CJ) both have Type 1 Diabetes.  The youngest, Link, has tested positive in the TrialNet T1D study so we are waiting to see if she will ever develop it.

We used to blog at NitaCure dot ca but it has been on a long hiatus and was never kept up with (and then taken by a squatter).  Since CJ was diagnosed with Crohn’s in October 2016, we felt that we should move from just one focus of writing to write about everything.

By day, I am a real estate agent here in Ontario and I would love to help you with any real estate needs you may have.  You can reach me at sarakearley dot com.

We are bringing home a cure, one home at a time.